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Near Kelso Scotland UK
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Thanks to the Minister in Iona Church

Country: United States
I just wanted to say thank you to whomever it was who ministered to the Iona church on May 8th of this year. I have been meaning to send a thank-you card for months, but never got around to it. I visited the Isle of Mull in Scotland this year for the first time (from U.S)and fell in love. Then I experienced a lovely perfect visit to the Iona parish on Mother's Day Sunday. I am not a regular church-goer here in the states. But I really really felt at home in the Iona church, and the minister was a huge part of that. She was friendly, moving, funny - engaging and real. I wanted so much to stay, and to be able to come again. Even writing this I get a "wee tear in my eye" thinkng of how much I would love to feel that at home in a church here. Thank you thank you. It was a lovely morning in May, and I will never forget my visit to Iona. Thank you for your hospitality, your message, your sincerity. I just hope I can return again one day. Thank you and my affections to the entire church, who also shared such hospitality and grace.
Karen Hardesty
2411 E. 127th Ave
Colorado USA

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Date: 28/10/2011